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Archit studio is Belgrade based architectural studio founded by Jelena Stepanovic as the result of an obsession with storytelling through architecture and design.

The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically impressive solutions for our customers. We consider that every project is unique and we truly try to treat it with a tailored approach. Our practice is focused on various projects in the field of architecture, interior design and graphic design.

We start the design process by thinking about what customers should feel in the space we are working on.

We are minimalists with a touch of luxurious spirit.                                   

“Simplicity is ultimate sophistication.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Jelena Stepanovic


Jelena Stepanovic

CEO and founder Archit studio

Jelena Stepanovic is an architect (dipl. ing. arh.) and researcher with work experience in architectural design and research projects (workshops, scientific papers…).

She is doktorand (PHD studies) at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in the field of History and Theory in Architecture and Master Engineer of Architecture.

Master was done within the framework of international cooperation Comune di Pantelleria, Italy and Faculty of Architecture RWTH, Achen.

Jelena has licenses for Responsible Contracting Engineer from October 2013 and for Responsible Designer Architect from January 2012 certificated by Council of the Engineering Chamber of Serbia.

Since 2018 she is a member of INTABAU Italy, organized by Politecnico di Milano department of Design.

She participated in numerous international workshops in the field of architecture and design.